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Thaipoosam Cavadee in Mauritius

Published on by mori

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The Mauritians of the tamil faith celebrated on Tuesday February 7 the Thaipoosam Cavadee in homage to the God Muruga. This festival marks the end of the fast period of ten days, during which faithful devote to frequent meetings of prayer with various sacrifices, synonymous to faith and devotion. The most known moment of Cavadee, most spectacular also, is undoubtedly the course of the tenth day when the penitent let themselves pierced with needles in adoration of the God Muruga.

The legend of Cavadee

It is the history of Idumban, a name highly symbolic, which actually means “proud”. This man was a repented gangster, disciple of the guru Agattiyâr. The guru ordered: “Leave in the mountains, Idumban, and brings back to me the two summits! You will attach them at each end of a cavadee (the cavadee, or kâvadi, is a simple yoke, i.e. a stick which is used to transport loads).

Idumban, obeying and faithful, left with his wife and firmly attached the two tops to his yoke then undertook to bring back them to Agattiyâr. But in way, the God Muruga, son of Shiva and Ouma, metamorphosed himselsef into a little boy and hid in one of the tops to weigh down the load of it. Indumban well quickly discovered him and in his fury, but of course he didn’t recognize his god, he started to fight with him. But Muruga transpierced him with his lance and the man died.

By their prayers, the wise Agattiyâr and a large number of loyals required with insistence the grace of Idumban, so that their god accepted to bring him back to life.

To thank him for hiss kindnes that all those who decide to carry the cavadee to the temple would see their wishes come true, and by this gesture would also thank him for all the granted favours while getting closer to him, from his wisdom and his kindness.