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Mauritius Water Activities

Published on by mori

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Among the Mauritius water activities is to swim with the dolphins. You can chose a speed boat and swim in the sea. There are two hours, half day or whole day trips during which you can swim with the Bottlenose dolphin and with the Spinner dolphin, which use to res on the West Coast of Mauritius. Kayak on see is also on the list of the Mauritius water activities and a very good way of exploring the green areas of the lagoons or the Indian Ocean’s waters

You can find a large variety of trips on chilly routes where the sea is calm and even trips of couple of days around the island in the deep oceanic waters. Of course, among the Mauritius water activities are the fishing diving in the sea’s depth. The island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and is very well situated for the fishing lovers to have access at many fish species that use to come in the tropical and warm waters. In some periods of the year, it is possible to catch blue or black Marlin, Bonito, sharks, Wahoo.

The most of the fishing boats have VHF radio, mobile phone, radar, GPS, phone, radio, safety equipments, medical kits, as well as all the auxiliary fishing equipments like the fight chairs. Among other Mauritius water activities are: sea kayaking-one of the most practiced activities, fishing at big depths, scuba diving, water-skiing, kite-surfing, parasailing, windsurfing, blue submarine safari that offers an unique experience at 35 meters depths in the universe of corals and aquatic fauna, or surf in Tamarin, the main centre of the island.

One of the most popular Mauritius water activities are the scuba diving, with snorkel as well as with the oxygen tube, the ocean’s waters offering ideal conditions in any region of the island. The submarine world is full of animation and shinny colours that will leave you wonderful memories. The trips with submarine and with sub aquatic scooters are also on the list of the Mauritius water activities, organized in exclusivity by the Blue Safari Company.

If you want an absolutely unusual experience, you pay 3.500 rupees and go in a trip into the hidden world of the blue waves. The adventure starts with an initial preparing, followed by a trip in the golf with the boat, following to embark on a submarine with about 30 sits. This is go down to 35 meters where the delightful show of the sub aquatic world is waiting for you.

The multitude of fish swimming around the submarine will amaze you with their colours. If you want to go alone in the fascinating paradise of the sea’s depths you can try the sub aquatic scooter. In this case, you will go down, with an assistant till the depth of 3 meters and you can choose which direction to go. The trips with the cataraman are among the Mauritius water activities, too. It is a captivating experience in which you can see the surrounding islands.