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Mauritius Kitesurfing

Published on by mori

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Mauritius kitesurfing has known a rapid developing becoming an important attraction of the island. Le Morne’s spot is the favourite place for kitesurfers due to its one flat and one swell sides being also the place selected by brands to promote videos. There are also Mauritius kitesurfing rentals and schools, around 8 and situated inside hotels and giving classes to residents and t outsiders as well. The schools offer IKO certificates from IKO certified instructors.

Many of the schools offer kiteboards rental per week or per day. These services allow the people to practice Mauritius kitesurfing as long as they stay on island. The equipments are well-maintained and recently updated. Professional kitesurfers come to Le Morne for its well known One Eye waves and to enjoy the possibilities of crossing around the island. The lagoon’s configuration and climate of the island makes the Mauritius kitesurfing a very enjoyable destination.

Some schools of Mauritius kitesurfing offer exclusive lagoon-crossing and downwind trips for groups that want to practice this sport around the island. To void the eventual hazards you have to take advices of the local riders before establishing the launching spots. There is a Mauritius kitesurfing map you can consult to see the kitesurfing spots. As regarding the climate and the wind, you can practice this sport all the period of the year but especially from June to November, in the austral winter.

To have even more fun, you can drive around Mauritius to select the places working under some specific conditions. Although it is said that in the summer solstice (that lasts from December to January) the wind is uncertain, it is the perfect moment for the Mauritius kitesurfing. The wind forces has 10 to 15 knots and there are days without wind. In this period the days lasts longer, the water of the sea is warm and owns to the landscape, the wind’s accelerations are consequent in some specific places, especially in the Le Pont, providing fine moderate wind and some great riding flat surface conditions.

If have doubts about choosing the Mauritius kitesurfing region the ones who love the pure waves will chose Le Morne. It is the sure place for the June-November period since the landscape’s acceleration offers a wind guarantee, beginning with 11 a.m. Le Morne is a large lagoon to have fun on but it is a busy area to drop, ride or launch in the same place with others. In the February-May period there are small chances to find wind on Le Morne.

The North and North-East region is proper for the Mauritius kitesurfing all the year. Despite the fact that is gusty during the winter, the Calodyne lagoon provide great conditions in the November-January and in the April-May period, many days per week. The East and South-East coasts have some great spots with great wind and they are less gusty areas. Now when you know so many about the Mauritius kitesurfing, all you have to do is to plan the trip!