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Mauritius Kiteboarding

Published on by mori

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Mauritius kiteboarding is very popular among the people that love the waves. The perfect conditions for the Mauritius kiteboarding are offered by the West Coast’s Southern end. In Le Morne, the best winds can be found from May to October, the wind has 15-30 knots from South-East, the waves are heavy are perfect.

The Baie du Cap lagoon offers safe and shallow environment as well as glides to the Le Morne Island, in the South-East winds whose blowing is more constituent and stronger due to the landscape. Le Morne is the Mauritius kiteboarding focal point, having reef as surroundings and being suitable for professionals and beginners that want to test their limits.

The beginners must pay attention to currents and you also have to know that this place can get crowded. Waves perfect for Mauritius kiteboarding are on two spots: One Eye and Manawa, outside the lagoon. The later mentioned is 800 meters out and holds swells of 1 to 8 meters and the One Eye lagoon is the place of the world class waves that will test your limits to the maximum even if you have a lot of experience.

It is important to know that your rescue in these conditions of strong wind can be expensive. The island of Mauritius is perfect for practicing this sport, with unique and great change coming from the Caribbean, Dominican and Maui life and a touch of Asia, Africa and France in a wonderful mix. If you stay in Le Morne for Mauritius kiteboarding and want to get around, you can hire a scooter or a car or you may want to use taxis and buses.

In case you hire a car, be careful, because there are many stray animals like cows, as well as cars and scooters in different conditions on the roads and accidents can happen. As local tips, you have to know that if a taxi is on the way to another order to your destination, you have to ask for the bus fare price to get a reduction of 10%. Of course, the driver may argue with you but you can get the cheaper rate.

You can get to this Mauritius kiteboarding, you can get the plane via South Africa, Qatar or Dubai and fly into the SSR Airport from where you can get a bus or a taxi to bring you to your hotel. Mauritius kiteboarding is everything you have dreamed of, the waters are shallow, the beaches has white sands, the lagoon has a turquoise look, the side-shore wind comes from left and the kite launch directly in kite surf centre’s front.

The reef is smooth and around 1 meter below surface and the whole lagoon is surrounded by one reef around 600 meters offshore. The reef’s waves are from 1 to 5 meters, based on the conditions, inside the lagoon is a lot of space for Mauritius kiteboarding and in the good conditions the kiteboarding spot is proper for the first attempts of the novices too.