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Mauritius January Weather

Published on by mori

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Since Mauritius is a destination visited for its sun and sea, is easy to guess that is has a pleasant oceanic climate. The island is situated in the tropical climate, still, because of the its geographical situation, the clime is unpredictable and hard to defined-so, the Mauritius January weather in South of the island can be different from the one of the island’s North. Just like in other countries from the tropical area, the year has two seasons: a rainy one and a dry one but you can’t say for sure when they begin and end.

The Mauritius January weather can be rainy in the centre of the island. The clouds going from East to Centre, stop only above the highest areas of the island-situated in its centre- and this is why, in this period it rains more in centre and less on the island’s coasts. Actually, you can say that it can rain anytime and anywhere. Still, if you want to visit the island in the first months of the year you can do it, because the Mauritius January weather offers temperatures of 30 degrees and even more. The humidity of the air is very high all over the year, due to the abundant rains.

The highest umidity-90%- is registered in the central region of the island, and 75% in the rest of the island. As result, don’t expect to have your clothes from balcony to dry fast. The very wet air is an ideal medium for the persons suffering from asthma and diverse allergies. The coldest period is from July to September, when the temperatures rarely pass 28 degrees Celsius. If you prefer the drier weather, only with sporadic rains, chose this period to visit the island. The Mauritius January weather can have some surprises like the tropical cyclones that can appear in the November-February period.

The island is rarely touched by the tropical cyclones but they give birth to storms around. You can say that Mauritius has an extremely unpredictable clime but this is a feature of such an exotic country. The Mauritius January weather is also warm, the hottest months of the year being from January to April, the temperatures being during the day around 30 degrees Celsius, and around 22 degrees Celsius during the night. In June-September the temperatures are around 25 degrees and around 18 after the sunset.

In the inner areas of the island, the temperatures are stable, of about 27 degrees during the day and 20 degrees during the night. There are no unpleasant surprises, the summer months being right for the one who love the warm weather with tropical sun, while the winter is for those who don’t like the hot summers. The temperature of the ocean’s waters close to the Mauritius’ Coasts is really pleasant all over the year. Usually, it reaches 28 degrees Celsius, with fewer degrees in the winter. Not even this is a problem, the water being very pleasant to swim.