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Mauritius Jail

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The Central Prison is a Mauritius jail, one of the main jails on island. It has the biggest number of prisoners, it is of maximum security and it is being functioning from May 1887. Every person that is sentenced to imprisonment is brought to this Mauritius jail that is situated in Beau-Bassin. He or she will be transferred to any other Mauritius jail, depending on the committed crime’s nature and on the previous police record.

Richelieu Open Prison is another Mauritius jail, open and without physical barriers, being surrounded by a metallic fence and having a rehabilitation system that has the self-discipline as basics as well as the detainees responsibility’s development. In this Mauritius jail the detainees can learn, have diverse jobs and acquire some knowledge about pig and cattle breeding in a farm. Another Mauritius jail is Grand River North West Prison, dating from October 1995.

This maximum security prison can receive 325 detainees. The Petit Verger Mauritius jail can receive 416 detainees, it was open in 1982 and it is a prison of medium security. The detainees work in a brick factory, are trained in agriculture, goat, sheep and cattle rearing. The security Phoenix Mauritius jail is one of high security, dating from 1980 and being able to receive about 25 detainees.

The prisoners arriving here are the ones considered as extremely dangerous and incorrigible. There is also a Mauritius jail for women, open in 1951 and with a capacity of 146 women. Before this jail appeared, the women were brought to Port-Louis Prison, on the Maillard Street, into a small yard especially reserved for the female prisoners. The Correctional Youth Centre is another Mauritius jail, also known as the Borstal and placed in Barkly- Beau-Bassin.

This jail has in custody the young male with ages between 16 and 21 years who has to be kept under constant supervision because of their association with bad elements of the society or because of the criminal tendencies. These persons have to be kept under discipline and instruction necessary for their new reformation. The training system has as goals to strength the character and has as basics the progressive trust regarding the self discipline and the self responsibility’s development.

The New Wing Mauritius jail is one of high security one, dating from March 2003 and with a capacity of 248 detainees. It is a jail connected with the Beau Bassin Central Prison. The Rehabilitation Youth Centre is a Mauritius jail with two centres, one for girls and another for boys. The centres are situated in two yards in Barkly, having girls and boys with ages between 16 and 18 years, found guilty of deviant behaviours or association with bed elements.

In this Mauritius jail are also accommodated children that aren’t submitted to the parental authority. The probation service offers to the juvenile delinquents the supervision needed to make their society integration easier. The children receive vocational training and can practice activities that help them to get self-discipline and the responsibility sense.