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Mauritius Itinerary

Published on by mori

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The virgin nature, fantastic landscape, the culture and the romanticism. These are only few reasons for a Mauritius itinerary. Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this jewelry-island exposes its volcano rocks that make abrupt canyon, jagged hills that lead to beautiful beaches and coral reef surrounded by warm lagoons.

The sugar cane plantations are surrounding the hill where you can see expansive hotels, and bars always open for the world’s tourists. The Mauritius itinerary can include Port Louis, Curepipe or Phoenix.

In the Mauritius itinerary you will never have problems with the spoken languages, because even English is the official language, French, German, Hindi and Italian is also spoken. As well as Agalega, Rodrigues and St. Brandon, Mauritius belong to the Mascarena Islands’ group but it is the most popular area for tourists, which also dictated the economic equilibrium of this island.

The natural galleries, modern infrastructure, exotic beaches, scuba diving, golf resorts, life style at high standards, spa, the shopping opportunities attracted the attention of those who are not afraid to invest in entertainment and luxury. A Mauritius itinerary offers any kind of pleasures, from laying in the deck chairs between the palms to all the variants of entertainment.

You will never get bored on this island because the small island is truly vibrant. You can establish the Mauritius itinerary that starts from Port Louis, situated at the mountains’ lap, where all the modern houses of the island are situated. It is interesting to talk with people you meet, because the multi culture is present here.

The Mauritius itinerary can include a visit to the Pamplemousses Port Louis Botanical Garden, famous for its exotic flowers, the Victorial Regia giant-water lily called like this to honor the Great Britain’s Queen Victoria and the variety of palms and the talipots, that bloom once at 60 years.

The garden was created by Pierre Poivre, for the French governor Mahe Le Labourdonnais, in 1767. The Mauritius itinerary must take into consideration some rules such as: the women can’t be topples on public beaches, the pants and the short skirts are not allowed in the monasteries and temples, and before taking pictures you have to ask the persons that can be caught in the pictures if they are ok with it.

Breaking these rules will offense the Mauritians which are very warm and open to the tourists. If you stop to the diverse Mauritius cuisine, you have to try the curry chicken, the niouk nien, the mine-frit, all types of combinations between the tastes, recipes and spices from India, China and Europe.