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Mauritius Identity Card

Published on by mori

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The Mauritius identity card is the document allowing the individual’s personal identification. Once a person from Mauritius reached 18 years old she/he has to apply for the Mauritius identity card in maximum 6 months, under the 1985 National Identity Act.

The Civil Status Office issues the card and it contains the information regarding the bearer pertaining to the birth date, full name, a blood group, recent photograph of passport size and the specific identifier code (which is unique for each person and is a code that is quoted on all the documents that demands the Mauritius identity card).

There are 4 principal offices situated on the island, in Plaine Magnien (Social Security Office-the Ground floor), in Rodrigues (Port Mathurin-on Rue Solidarite), in Rose Hill (NPF building-the Ground floor, on the Old Moka Road) and in Port Louis (on the Pope Henessy Street, the TM building-the first floor). The program is from 9 to noon and from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm during the week days and from 9 to noon on every Saturday, Sunday and on the public holidays.

To apply of the Mauritius identity card some documents are needed: the naturalisation certificate for the non citizens, the birth certificate, the filled application form and the marriage certificate for the married women. The first Mauritius identity card issued is free of charge but if you lose it, you have to pay Rs 100 fee and a certificate from police has to be issued for the another card’s provision. The fee for the senior citizens is of Rs 50.

The idea of a new technology used as Mauritius identity card was under question since 2003 and put into practice in 2009. These new cards are like the credit cards, has a micro-processor with personal information about the owner. The cards are easy to read and among the information stored are the ones about the credit card, the personal identification, the banking details, and it is advantageous due to the difficulty of erasing the information.

The government of Mauritius had to develop some applications and to train people to make this new Mauritius identity card more effective and better. Some consultants were hired to advice the Mauritian government about the project’s best development. The new ID can be used as pension card, can pass the access to the governmental services, as health card, buss pass and has access to the payment of the electronic purses, of the driving license, of pensions, social security benefits, and also access to the secured areas.

A large number of applications can be put on the card and the only reason why it lasted so long for this Mauritius identity card to appear was the financial implications. The biggest cost came from the public key infrastructure (the PKI) creation, to ensure the security of the transactions. In this problem, Mauritius received help from India, due to the agreement the two countries signed. The money came and the new Mauritius identity card was delivered to the citizens.