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Mauritius Honeymoon

Published on by mori

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Mauritius is a dream island offering the Africa’s exoticism mixed with the Chinese wisdom and the elements of the Hindu culture. The island is situated in the South of Africa, at East of Madagascar and is perfect for a Mauritius honeymoon. The destination has a fine clime, the temperature varying between 22 and 34 degrees in the coastal areas and between 19 and 26 degrees in the island’s centre, another aspect that makes it perfect for a Mauritius honeymoon.

The sea’s water is excellent too, with a temperature varying from 22 to 27 degrees, depending on the season. In the Mauritius honeymoon you have to see the Balaclava ruins, the Perezbere beach and the Grand Bay. You can improve your knowledge about the Hindi culture visiting the Maheswarnath Temple situated in Triolet Shivala Village.

A trip with the ship to one of the most beautiful islands, Ile aux Cerf, offers you and your soul mate the view of exotic landscapes and truly paradisiacal. In the Western part of the island is the natural Zemen Park and other objectives like the Cesela reservation of exotic birds and the Salt Pans. You can choose from the multitude of Mauritius honeymoon offers.

Yon chose a double room with breakfast or rent a luxury full house for more persons. The prices are not high ones and because of the magnificent landscape, a lot of couple chose the Mauritius honeymoon. Who can say ‘no’ to a peace oasis, to excellent food and unique beauty? And who doesn’t want all these in his/her Mauritius honeymoon? You can not leave this place without tasting the chicken with curry or the boiled Chinese noodles and previously fried or the famous Alouda drink.

All these are some traditional ones of the island’s exotic cuisine which you can try in your Mauritius honeymoon. You and your partner can go to the restaurants with specific where you can listen to the Sega music, with strong African influences. The natural galleries, the modern infrastructure, the exotic beaches, scuba diving, the golf results, the shopping possibilities and the life style are all attractions for a perfect Mauritius honeymoon.

The island offers any kind of pleasures, from relaxing in chez longs situated between palms to all variants of fun. There is no way to get bored in Mauritius honeymoon because this small island is really vibrant. You can go from Port Louis, close to the mountains, where you can see the island’s modern houses. It is very captivating to talk to the people you have the occasion to meet, because the multiculturalism is really fascinating here.

There are 5 areas like coming from the Chinese blocks as well as real blocks of Hindus, Creoles and Muslims. The nights of your Mauritius honeymoon can be spent in pubs, casinos, clubs, and the days at the Art Gallery where new exhibitions are present each month, at the diverse markets, enjoy the horse races or the commercial complexes.