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Mauritius Halal Food

Published on by mori

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The Mauritius halal food is a food prepared in specific ways, after the Muslim belief. The halal word means permitted or lawful, and the opposite is haram, meaning something not allowed or prohibited. The halal term can be used for all the Muslim life’s areas but it is associated most of the times with the cooking and the food. According to the Muslim belief, there are certain products considered as Mauritius halal food. Still, the today markets’ products are not all corresponding to the list of this type of food. You can say if the fresh ingredients like fresh produce or fresh meat are Mauritius halal food, somebody can’t be really sure when it comes to canned goods and another pre-processed food.

Halal Food in Mauritius

All the food is considered Mauritius halal food except for pork and the related products, the food that contacted the pork or its products, the improperly slaughtered animals, the meat and the food that contacted blood, the carnivorous animals, the drinks and the food with alcohol. The people who want to buy Mauritius halal food has to contact the certified distributors who sell processed foods under the certification of designated authorities of the Muslim community. These distributors received certification to sell Halal food which can print it on the products packages and in this way the costumers can see if the food is what they want. If you don’t know some Mauritius halal food certified distributors in your area, you can look for the products in the grocery stores.

You must see if they have the halal certification on the products covers they sell to be sure that is what you want. In case that the certification is missing, you have to stay away from ingredients like emulsifiers and gelatine, which are prohibited. To help you finding Mauritius halal food, here are some restaurants where you can eat this food: the Nando’s- a popular chain of restaurants, famous for the peri peri chicken. It is situated in Plaines Wilhems, Quatre Bornes, on the Pellegrin Avenue, in the Trianon Shopping Park. Beside the Mauritius halal food, they serve many other menus. The Zub Express restaurant also offers Mauritius halal food, as well as Chinese and Indian food.

They have takeaway and dine-in services and are situated close to the SSR (Sir Seewoosagur) Mauritius International Airport. You can contact them at: 2306377724. Mauritius halal food can also be found at the Resto Poz Kfe, which also offer Italian, India, Chinese and Mauritian food. The food is strictly halal, since is prepared according to the halal standards.

They have takeout facilities, access for the wheelchairs and the restaurant is alcohol-free. You can find them in Curepipe, on the Pope Henessy Street, at Auberge Madelon Hotel 10. The phone number is: 2306709258. Another place where you can find Mauritius halal food is Tandoori Express, an Indian restaurant. It is situated in Plaines Wilhems, Quatre Bornes, on the St. Jean Road, at Beeltah House. The phone number is: 2304549596.