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Mauritius Global Warming

Published on by mori

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The Mauritius global warming is a problem caused by the global temperatures’ decrease and rise as well as by the changing of the climate. A change of the weather conditions can be seen and the question about how the island will be affected and what can be done to stop the Mauritius global warming appeared. Just like many other countries, this country is also worried about the global warming’s threat, being vulnerable to the climate change’s aftermath.

First of all, the tourism industry (the most overgrowing and reliable sector of the island’s economy) can be affected by the changes of the climate. More than 55% of the foreign currency is brought by the tourism. Many hotels are situated along the coast, offering the tourists the possibility of aquatic activities but the unpredictable weather and the sea level’s oscillations can affect this sector’s development with important growing incomes.

To stop the Mauritius global warming affecting the tourism of the island, there were some measures taken. There are parks like the crocodile park and the Cazela Park in order to increase the green tourism and more of these parks are needed. The green tourism is a tourism that doesn’t pollute as much as the sea tourism. Then, the road network can be also affected by the Mauritius global warming, because of the snow and flooding. The drivers can’t make round about when it is huge raining.

There are drains built by the waste water management in order to decrease the floods that can damage the road networking. The wired and wireless telephone network can be affected by the Mauritius global warming. The thunderstorms and the heavy rains can damage the networks, especially in the summer. This will also affect the banking transactions and the business activities.

This is why is necessary to reinforce the networking systems. The people of the island can suffer from the Mauritius global warming, the unpredictable changes of the weather affecting their health and life. They will have to manage and to adapt to the climate’s changes. For instance, the houses that were not built to resist to the strong winds of the cyclonic weather must be upgraded to resist to the future’s extreme conditions of the weather.

The corral reefs are already damaged and also eroded by the weather but still, at least 50% of the fish species can be saved if the artificial fish breeding is used. This will ring benefits on long term and some aquariums for the people’s visits can be made. In this way money will be gain and then invested in the oceanography institute of Mauritius as funds for the research work.

Bu the people of the island are not the only ones that will have to adapt to the Mauritius global warming. The people all over the world will have to adapt to the climate changes. The humanity is not the most intelligent or the strongest specie that survives but it has a huge capacity of adapting to the changes.