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Mauritius Facts

Published on by mori

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Among the Mauritius facts is that the island is also known as the Republic of Mauritius, a insular state along the coasts of the African continent, from the South-West of the Indian Ocean, situated at a distance of about 900 kilometres away of Madagascar. Together with the Reunion Island, situated at 200 kilometres in South-West, Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands.

The island of Mauritius has an almost triangular shape and a volcanic relief made of a highland with numerous peaks and huge dead volcanic craters, the maximum altitude of it being of 828 metres in Mount Piton. Excepting the South part, the island is covered with lava on more than 2/3 of its surface and its shores are coming with coral reefs on a length of 217 kilometres. The island’s most beautiful beaches in the world are also among the Mauritius facts, as well as the sublime landscapes and a harmonic mix of cultures.

Due to this variety of cultures the numerous Buddhist pagodas, the mosques and the Hindus temples were built. As Mauritius facts, you should know that the biggest city is Port Louis, situated in the North-West part of the state. The multicultural city is divided in 5 important areas: Creole, Chinese, Christian, Islamic and Hindus. A large number of colonial style buildings are in the city’s downtown preserved due to their historic value. The centre of the city is made of a lath of streets leading to the harbour and to the main touristic attractions situated at sea. The Centre Square us a very popular place for tourists, where souvenirs and handicraft articles can be found, as well as vegetables and fruits.

In a visit to the Blue Penny Museum you can discover the Mauritius history from beginnings to present and the exhibits of the Natural History Museum include o copy of Dodo bird, a bird that disappeared in the 17th century and whose look was remade after the stories of the first sailor men arrived on island and after the discovered skeletons. As Mauritius facts, the most impressive religious buildings are: the Saint Louis Cathedral, the Saint James Cathedral, Marie Reine Monument from Paix, very visited by pilgrims and where you can admire a panorama of the city, the Jummah Mosque, dating from the 19th century, being the biggest on island and built of a mix of Creole, Islamic and Indian styles. Other touristic attractions are: the Old Theatre, the Chinese City, the Bazaar and Place dArmes.

One of the famous Mauritius facts is related to the postal stamp due to which the island became famous. Each collector dream of the stamp called the ‘Blue Mauritius’ and launched in the ex-British colony in 1827. There are only 12 stamps estimated as being the most valuable in the world, by the collectors. Its fame is due to the engraver’s mistake: while he worked on the slabs, Joseph Barnard who wrote the Post Office inscription instead of Post Paid.