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Mauritius Export

Published on by mori

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There are eligible and ineligible products for the Mauritius export. Among the eligible products are the fresh or frozen poultry and red meat as well as the derivate products. For these products an import permit is required, which can be obtained from the Agriculture Ministry of Mauritius.

For the Mauritius export of red meat a FSIS certificate is required and it has to provide the next statements: no meat or meat products consignment part has to derive from animals who suffered from BSE, the lymphatic and nervous tissue were removed during the cutting action, the animals had the ante-mortem check by a professional veterinary surgeon and no contagious or infectious symptoms were found.

Other requirements are: the meat, the carcasses and the meat products were processed, handled, prepared and packed in sanitary conditions with all the required precautions needed to prevent any kind of danger for the people’s health. The animals were killed in a one year period before the shipment date and the meat products or the meat were prepared, processed and deboned in places approved for the export purposes and with all the precautions for the danger prevention taken.

The products have to be held in cold places for a period of minimum two weeks after the animals slaughter and with all the contamination prevention precautions taken. They also have t be in marketable condition at the shipment’s time. As regarding the poultry meat Mauritius export, the FSIS form 9060-5 is required with the import date and permit number typed.

There are statements that have to be provided: the products have to present no harmful levels of arsenical derivates, hormones and antibiotics residues, the processing took place in an abattoir with the EU country approval, the poultry meat came from flocks that originates in farms known by the country’s government to have species diseases in the last year, especially Avian Influenza and the Newcastle disease. There are more requirements for this Mauritius export form such as: the products and the meat has no Salmonella Enteritidis infection, the products had the veterinary check throughout the storage and the processing and they were found unconditionally proper for the human consumption.

The ready to eat and the cooked products were produced under the control of the FSIS Microbiological Monitoring Program, the poultry products were stored and processed for maximum 6 months before the shipment date at temperatures under -20 degrees Celsius. More, the consignment doesn’t contain meat coming from poultry that was killed as part of a program of disease eradication.

Other Mauritius export requirements are: transshipment of poultry or meat isn’t allowed and the date of expiration and processing date must be printed in French or English. Regarding the plants that are eligible to the Mauritius export, all the red meat plants that were federally inspected are eligible to the Mauritius export. The poultry establishments that are approved for the export to the Germany, Greece, Belgium and United Kingdom are all eligible to the Mauritius export.