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Mauritius Eid ul Fitr

Published on by mori

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Mauritius Eid ul Fitr is a religion holiday that marks the one month Ramadan’s ending. The Muslims celebrate it on the Shawwal month’s first day, depending on crescent moon’s visibility, on 29th or 30th Ramadan day. Mauritius Eid ul Fitr celebration is on Hijri’s 10th month, in the Islamic calendar. In 2011, the Mauritius Eid ul Fitr was celebrated on August 31, since the moon’s apparition was with one day before.

Trying to follow the tradition from the Muhammad’s times, the Muslims take part to a special prayer, Salaad Eid-ul Fitr. The Eid Mubarak wishing follows next (meaning ‘Eid be blessed’ to kins and kiths with some hugs in brotherhood spirit as in the traditions of Islam). The Muslims do charity acts – Zakaat for the poor people such as 2.5% of jewels, goods, money, etc before they pay tribute to people who died, visiting the tombs.

Mauritius Eid ul Fitr is a special day that follows the Azan, the Muezzin call for prays with the Muslims going to the morning prayers- the Namaz Fijar. The men wear a cap called topee, white trousers and kurta, and the women wear Salwar kameez with hornis, churidars and mehendi, which are decorations. Then, the Muslim go to a family lunch, with Seer Kuma as a sweet dish especially made of vermicelli for the close people.

The Ramadan is focused on sacrifices while Fitra is focused on helping poor people and on social celebration. Due to the moon’s visibility, in 2012, the Mauritius Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated on August 19th. The Eid prayer is made in congregations situated in open areas such as community centres or fields or in mosques. No call to prayer (adhan) or call (iqama) will be pronounced for the Eid and it is made of two units of prayers called raka at with 6 Takbirds added.

The sermon (khuthab) follows the Eid and the dua (supplication) that asks for mercy, God’s forgiveness, blessing for all the living all around the world and peace. The Muslims are instructed by khuthab to performance Eid’s rituals like zakat. To listen to the Eid’s sermon (khuthab) requires wajib (while the sermon is delivered). It is forbidden to talk (haraam) or to walk or to give prayer during the khuthab.

After sermon, the Muslim go visiting the relatives, acquaintances and friends or have big celebrations at their homes, rented halls or community centres. On Mauritius Eid ul Fitr the Muslims celebrates the end of the Ramadan, the most important Islamic holiday. During the Ramadan, the adult Muslims have to fast from break to sunset.

That implies not to eat, drink, smoke and not having sexual relations in the mentioned period. The pregnant women, the ones who feed at breast, the travellers and the ill people can delay the fast to keep it some other time. The Islamic religion established the fast as a way of purification, an auto-control exercise and a proof of faith.