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Mauritius Dolphins

Published on by mori

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Mauritius dolphins can offer you an amazing experience, especially if you swim with them. You can choose to have a two hours swimming with the Mauritius dolphins right in the natural surroundings. You can explore the life of these wonderful creatures in their own habitat and to swim with them in crystal clear water.

The Mauritius dolphins swimming is a moving and unique experience that brings you in contact with the wonderful scenery, landscapes and of course, animals. You will have the chance to meet dolphins face to face and to play with them. There are offers to swim with the Mauritius dolphins in water encounters or in pools as well as offers to swim with them in the open see, which is, of course, a more interesting experience.

After you get on the speed boat’s board, you will get an introduction about the experience you will have. The introduction includes details about the procedures of the swimming with the dolphins, the security measures that have to be taken on boat, the dolphins types you will see, their habits and the guidelines for watching them. You can also receive the equipment for snorkelling for free. The Mauritius dolphins swimming is an amazing, therapeutic, educational and rewarding experience for all those trying it.

There are two types of Mauritius dolphins: the spinner dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. The dolphins are maybe the most wonderful creatures living in the ocean. They are playful, cheerful, symbolising the grace and the intelligence. They live in pods of about 20 individuals and can be seen how they swim from time to time from Tamarin to the waters of the Morne peninsula’s coast, when the day begins.

Both types of dolphins see Mauritius’s West Coast as the perfect place to sleep and rest before their trip to the deep waters to fish. The spinner dolphin has a dark grey colour and the tail, the throat and the back have some darker patches. On the belly they have some creamy white patches but this varies. They have thin and long beak, the fins are long.

The adults can have from 129 centimetres to 235 centimetres, as size, and their weight may vary from 23 kg to 79 kg. A dolphin female has a 10 month period of gestation. The male dolphins reach the maturity at the age of 7-10 years while the female dolphins reach the maturity at 4-7 years. The longevity of these Mauritius dolphins is still unknown.

They congregate in small groups of few dolphins but also in huge groups of thousands. The other Mauritius dolphins are the bottlenose ones, being the most popular ones. They have a grey colour, can reach between 2 and 4 metres in length and their weight can vary from 150 kilograms to 650 kilograms. They eat small fish and live in pods-groups of 15 dolphins. Still, they can also live in groups of more than 100 dolphins and sometimes even more than 1000.