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Mauritius Documentary

Published on by mori

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There is more than one Mauritius documentary showing that this island is, like Mark Twain said, the Heaven’s model. Escape to Mauritius is one of these documentaries, lasting 50 minutes and made by Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova, two adventurers. This Mauritius documentary shows what Twaun didn’t know: what can be seen in the island’s depths.

The two authors discovered some similarities between the tolerant nature and nation of Mauritius and the underwater world. The expedition was physically and technically demanding and unveiling in background a picture of the underwater world, with its rules, symbioses and colorfulness taken by Libor and Petra during the night dives.

The story of the movie is centered on the island’s famous legend according to which a beautiful girl appeared in mysterious ways under the water of the sea. It is not known if it is just a legend or something true. The diving can induce the altered states of mind situations

and the person can see images that fill in the life’s mosaic. This Mauritius documentary is the first of the travel documentaries series of Escape to Nature long term projects that offers photographic and film documents introducing Earth’s most incredible places. Both Dolezalova and Spacek are at their first movie and the Mauritius documentary won some awards such as: the 42nd International Film Festival Award at the Tourism Films Tourfilm 2009 in Carlsbad.

The Mauritius documentary also has nominations to the Falstaff Film Festival for the best international film and other awards. Escape to Mauritius was also included in the Polish Tourfilm Academy Conference from Warsaw. The Mauritius documentary won the Special Jury Award for the underwater photography and the Underwater Opera special part won the Gold Medal for the year’s underwater digital video, in 2009, in United Kingdom. Stealing a Nation is another Mauritius documentary that won the RTS award in 2004 and is a Granada TV production.

John Pilger is the director and the writer and Christopher Martin is the director and producer. The reconstruction footage was made by Sean Crotty. This Mauritius documentary is about the Chagos Islanders’ expulsion, removed by force, between 1967 and 1973 by the British government. They were moved 1.000 miles away, to Mauritius, and the island was used as British and American airbase.

The movie practically says a story that was hidden form history.

In the ‘60s and 70’s the government of the Great Britain in collaboration with the officials of America moved the whole Chagos Islands’ population in the Indian Ocean. The goal was to give this island to America who intended to transform it into an important military base. And, yes, from Diego Garcia, the USA sent bombs to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The islanders are the ones who tell the story, the ones who were abandoned in Mauritius’ slums. What happened there was described by the International Criminal Court as a crime against the humanity. This Mauritius documentary also won prizes such as the Best Single Documentary Award and the Chris Award.