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Mauritius Deer Hunting

Published on by mori

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The deer was introduced to the island by Germans who also brought the sheep, pigeons, rabbits and poultry. The deer started to reproduce in a large number and the Mauritius deer hunting since to date from the autumn of 1639. The management and organization of the Mauritius deer hunting became a form of art.

Today, there are about 3.000 hunters and besides being a sport it is also a method of keeping the deer population under control. So, a specific number of deer is allocated to every hunter, every year, in order to not allow the deer population to become large and dangerous for the pastures. There are specific rules that have to be respected in the Mauritius deer hunting or the participants will not be allowed anymore to hunt.

They need patience and attention not to kill deer outside his area. After the hunting, the dead animals are brought to the camp, cleaned and then portioned in a quartering room. The butchers from the area come to collect the orders and the remaining meat is put in cold rooms. The huntsman and the prize are immortalized on camera and exposed in the hunters club’s hall of fame.

The hunters will enjoy some drinks and talk about their experience. A much more exciting Mauritius deer hunting adventure can be prepared for the brave men. They can go on foot and use arrows and bows. Mauritius is a perfect place for hunting, having what a hunter wants: many livestock in breathtaking and natural surrounding.

To hunt in the forests of Mauritius brings the hunters back to times when the Portuguese and the Dutch used to walk searching for the everyday food. More, for tourist, it can be the perfect opportunity to hunt away from his home. The deer were moved to private properties and only the herds’ surpluses are hunted. Other animals that can be hunted on island are the guinea fowl, the hares and the wild boars.

You can hunt them all over the year, but the Mauritius deer hunting period is between November and May. There are many places offering accommodation and hunting possibilities too, like Domaine du Chasseur. You can contact them directly to ask about the Mauritius deer hunting. In other areas are offered packages like transport from your hotel and back, hunting material and food.

There is also the possibility of the hunter to receive a part of the hunted animal as trophy at home (through the taxidermy method). The prices for hunting differ from one area to another but it constitutes of the killed animal’s number ad of the killed animal type.

The ammunition and the rifles are available on the hunting places and the whole activity is assisted by guides. The Mauritius deer hunting experience can be so thrilling! You can stalk the prey and attack it or you can have the hunting dogs making the job easier for you. As a hunter, you will enjoy the experience to the maximum in wonderful forests.