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Mauritius Climate February

Published on by mori

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The rise of temperature, explains the weather station of Vacoas, is due to several factors, from a light and very wet wind coming from the North-East.

The weather was hot during several days. The temperature is assembled from two to four degrees and even jusqu ’ with five degrees in certain areas. After more D ’ one week of intolerable heat, the situation, according to the weather, should turn over to the normal this weekend. The rise of temperature, explains the weather station of Vacoas, is due to several factors, whose light and very wet wind coming from the North-East, is equatorial area.

There is also a clear sky, and thus, a very good insolation which makes that the temperature which is usually recorded at the semi-day, in particular between 11 a.m. and midday, is felt in advance, which is around 9 a.m.

And as there is no wind, heat accumulates which causes very uncomfortable conditions. With this situation, the temperature sometimes increased by two to three degrees to reach 35 degrees in Port-Louis, 29 degrees with Trou aux Cerfs and with Mare aux Vacoas or 31 degrees in Vacoas.

The thermometer has even increased into 5 degrees more in certain areas, as in Domaine Les Pailles where the temperature passed to 34,2 degrees, last Tuesday. However, explains the forecaster Sudhir Beegoo, in spite of this rise of temperature, one cannot speak about heatwave, but rather about a wave of heat.

One speaks about heatwave when the temperature exceeds the average for the period during more than three days consecutive, he explains. A return to the normal is awaited as of Friday 24(note: yesterday), he says.

The heat says Dr. Ramchandra Bheenick, causes many disadvantages, especially for the people suffering from cardiac problems or kidney problems. Especially if in the second case, these people take kidney medicines which increase the production of the urine. There is also the dehydration which can cause weaknesses, and even fainting. The doctor thus recommends tp drink lot of water and fruit juice, but not soft drinks.

“Many people have use to the air conditioner during this time. But it is to consider that the temperature is then two degrees below room temperature, if one doesn’t want to get sick, “he said.