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Mauritius Cemetery

Published on by mori

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One Mauritius cemetery is Cap Malheureux, situated in the north of the island. It has a special atmosphere given by a big and old banyan tree. The old gravestones mixed with the new ones, in rugged coastline’s front and situated high above the water, offering a view of the island. This Mauritius cemetery has a parking, no fees for entry and is open daily.

Across the church’s road is a store from where you can make provisions. Port Louis Eastern is another Mauritius cemetery also known as Roche Bois cemetery. It is situated at the Port Louis’ Eastern extremity, in the Roche Bois zone, near the dock. There are two graves dedicated to the Commonwealth war, marked by some headstones of granite. One of them is about 15 meters away of the entrance on the right side and the other one is close to the boundary wall, the left rear, in section E2.

This Mauritius cemetery is open from 06 to 18.00 daily. The New Western Mauritius cemetery is situated in Port Louis, on the Cemetery Road, the Les Selines zone, with the entrance on Rushworth Road. There are also two Commonwealth burials but you have to ask the staff to show you where they are. The visits can be done daily, from 06 to 18.00. The Port Louis Western Mauritius cemetery is also situated in Les Selines, on the Cemetery Road and it has eight graves dedicated to the Commonwealth war (the First World War).You have to ask the cemetery staff to show them to you, as the graves are scattered on the site.

This Mauritius cemetery can be visited from 6.00 to 18.00, daily. The Phoenix Mauritius cemetery is one big civil cemetery situated close to the Vacaos city, the halfway between the island’s capital and the airport. This Mauritius cemetery is situated on the Closel Road, a place known by the locals as the Cemetery Road. There are 25 graves of the Commonwealth war, from which 22 are placed in the military area of the cemetery, situated on the right side, at 50 meters away from the central pathway’s first turning to the right.

If you want to find the other three graves, you have to ask the cemetery’s staff to guide you. The Mauritius cemetery can be visited every day, from 09 to 11.30 and from 12.30 to 18.00. The island became part of the East African Command in the autumn of 1942, when offered, with other islands, refueling stations and naval bases, in the Indian Ocean, to the safeguard Allied Communication line.

This Mauritius cemetery has 8 burials from the First World War Commonwealth as well as 17 burials dating from the World War II and 74 burials that are non-world war and unrecorded. At the cemetery entrance you can see, within the principal gate, the Phoenix memorial, commemorating the First World War’s 10 casualties and the World War II’s 47 whose graves couldn’t be maintained somewhere else in Diego Garcia and Mauritius.