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Mauritius Catholic Church

Published on by mori

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Mauritius Catholic Church opposed to government’s decision of including the divorce concept by mutual consent in island’s laws. A communicate of the Mauritius Catholic Church in the island’s capital, Port Louis, indicated that members of religious organisations and of some civil society’s groups received a law’s draft from the office of the attorney general but without the church being favoured for project.

An attorney general’s official that wanted to remain anonymous said that in the given context, the individual wanting to divorce should demonstrate in the family court that the other spouse offended him/her by abandoning the family, adultery or mistreatment. The man also added that besides being totally unpleasant, the procedures can take a lot of time, even two years, especially when the alimony amount that has to be paid discussions appear.

The official also said that in many of the cases, the children are those suffering the most, and this is why the idea of the attorney general could make things easier. The attorney confirmed that the Mauritius Catholic Church doesn’t approve the brought amendments to the act of divorce and judicial separation that aims to simplify the procedures of the divorce. The hierarchy of the Mauritius Catholic Church told the attorney general that this type of amendment will encourage the divorce on the island. Some socio-religious organisation of Muslims and Hindus announced the government of their thwart to the sodomy’s decriminalisation.

So far, no government of the island has come with the proposal of legalising abortion due to Mauritius Catholic Church opposition. About 25.000 illegal abortions are registered every year on the island, some of them in unsanitary conditions.

The Mauritius Catholic Church has churches all over the island. In Baie du Cap, is the St. Francoise D’Assise church, which you can contact for weddings or information at the phone number (023)02083068. In Grand Gabe there are two churches: St. Michel and Notre Dame de la Salette. In the capital Port Louis, he Mauritius Catholic Church has four churches: St. Croix, Immaculate Conception, St. Francis Xavier – (023) 02083068 and Diocese of Port Louis.

In Poste de Flacq there is the St. Maurice church, in Pailles, the St. Vincent de Paul church, in Surinam, the St. Joseph church, in Moka, the Notre Dame de Conseil church, in Glen Park, the Sacre Coeur church, while is Rose Hill, the Mauritius Catholic Church has three churches: St. Patrick, St. Anne and Notre Dame de la Lourdes. In Petite Riviere is the St. Coeur de Marie, in Piton, the Notre Dame de l’Esperance, in Saint Pierre, the St. Pierre es Liens Church, in Henrietta, the St. Famille church, in Curepipe, the St. Helene and the St. Therese churches, in Cassis, the St. Sacrament church, in Flic en Flac, the St. Marc church. In Barkley there is the Notre Dame de la Confiance church with the same phone number: (023) 02083068. In La Tour Koeing there is the St. Mathieu church and in Grand Bois is the St. Louis church.