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Mauritius Casela

Published on by mori

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Mauritius Casela is 14 hectares area Park with many trees old of centuries on slope that faces the island’s West Coast. It was a bird park at its origins, with 1500 birds of almost 150 species and 90 aviaries and now hosting animals like giant tortoises, ostriches, lemurs, tigers and macaques. The Mauritius Casela Park was renovated and since then it has been a petting farm, on open space where humans interacts with nature and animals.

The Mauritius Casela restaurant has Indian, European and Mauritius food and food for children. This park is annexed to the Yemen Park of 4.500 hectares and has now the possibility of encountering with the animals and wild nature with your soul mate or family or friends. It also offers great alternative to sea and beach.

At the Mauritius Casela Park you can see the amazing Java deer running freely on the grassy savannah as well as mongoose, monkeys, hares and boars. You can also see the famous fruit bat, exotic and indigenous plants like pink pepper, tamarinds, baobabs, bois noir and eucalyptus. Among the activities you can have in the Mauritius Casela is to walk the lions. They roam among the visitors offering the chance of being so close to them.

You can see the lions climbing the trees, playing in the high grass and stalking on different animals that live in the reserve. There are guides to make you feel safe around lions and to share with you their experience regarding the felines. And they do have experience, with more than three lion generations. They will also give you information about the conservation and reproduction program and you can enjoy refreshment.

It is a chance for you to leave the park with a certificate since it’s a rare and great experience of walking with the lions. The mini farm of the Mauritius Casela park is the place where the children has direct interaction with the animals, can feed them with bottles and pet them supervised by the guides trained to make children and animals to feel safe. The mini safari of 30 minutes in 25 feet safari bus sets from Mauritius Casela leisure Park at every 30 minutes.

The seats can be bought loco or you can make the booking in advance. This African savannah is the home for geese and ducks varieties, monkeys, Guinea fowls, emus, nandus, ostriches, axis deer, Java deer, onyx, elands, impalas, blesbucks, springbucks, kudus and zebras. It is an over 150 animal total that freely roam inside a wilderness of 100 hectares.

The safari is an African corner as part of the Yemen Park that has 4.500 hectares where you have to use a 4×4 car or a tractor to visit it. The vehicles can be rented by individuals or by groups, the safari tour lasts 2 hours inside de domain, with a short visit to the bats’ sanctuary included. The address of the Mauritius Casela Park is: Royal Road-Cascavelle and the phone number is: (230) 452 2828.