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Mauritius Call Centre

Published on by mori

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Mauritius call centre is a very important work instrument in the services area including the case of the services providers such as the mobile and landline telephony operators. The companies ask a Mauritius call centre services to manage the big volume of calls, benefiting of the advanced technology from a call centre, of the fast implementation of the projects and of the visible results obtaining, allowing them in the same time to focus on the main activities that can generate direct profit.

Other advantages offered by outsourcing also recognised by the companies that appealed to this kind of services are the professionalism of the agencies that offer permanent training to the agents on every ongoing project, the reduction of the costs with the personnel, equipments, utilities and so on, the division of the risks with an external partner, the taking over of the attributions where there is no necessary resources, internally.

The goal of the selling companies is to increase the number of clients on new business lines with which to impose on market, such as: internet through modem, telephony, internet on phone, landline telephony services on mobile phone. The companies with a Mauritius call centre had a great success getting very good results, depending on the promoted service, a great rate of services activation and a very low rate of interactions on custom care. Choosing a Mauritius call centre’s services, the client manages to increase monthly the number of long time incomes, in conditions of maximum efficiency of the costs and of the allocated resources.

The companies and the clients managed, due to the very good results they got, qualitative and quantitative, to put the bases of a long time collaboration and to establish strategies of business development. The activities through a Mauritius call centre have a special role in the direct marketing operations. Through them, you can have the possibility of winning new clients and to make the existent ones loyal, as well as to bring valuable information about your clients and about the market on which you develop your activity, based on which you will take the best decisions regarding the future of your company.

If you are young, with no experience and fluently speaking a foreign language, you can find a job at a Mauritius call centre, a job that offers more and more opportunities. Because this area is in full expansion in Mauritius and the fluctuation of personnel is bigger than in other sectors, the rhythm of the employments in Mauritius call centre is extremely alert.

International Call Centre is one Mauritius call centre, situated in Port Louis, at 1st floor Cnr. Mgr. Gonin &Lislet Geoffroy Strs. Another Mauritius call centre is Infinity Contact Maker &PBO, situated at Ebene Cybercity, at Level 6Cyber Tower. You can also try at Contact Kiosk Ltd, in Port Louis, on 18 Lislet Geoffroy Street and at Bowman International Sports Ltd, situated in Pointe aux Sables, on Units 209-214, at Informatics Park La Tour Koenig.