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Mauritius Black River

Published on by mori

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Mauritius Black River is large district with small number of people, situated on island’s western side and popular for its tropical forests, for Chamarel, with colored land and for Tamarin Falls. The Black River Gorges Park has the unique and amazing tropical forests too. In these forests, the deer hunting can be practiced during winter.

Mauritius Black River is the island’s sunniest and driest part, popular for great scuba diving conditions, amazing beaches and great potential for deep-sea fishing. If the weather allows you to, you can enjoy the natural beauty at surfing, or the fine breaks at the peninsula’s northern side, the promontory waters being well known by the kite surfers. An ideal space to meet the nature’s specific on the island is the Mauritius Black River Gorges national park.

It is situated in the north-west of the island, having an area of 6.500 hectares. Here you can see more than 300 species of plants, as well as a multitude of exotic animals. The park was established in 1994 with the main goal of protecting the local nature and to try to restore the initial richness. If you love to walk, it is worth visiting it. You will have the chance to see rare creatures, endangered species like pink pigeons. The ones who prefer to use the car will also be satisfied: there are routes for the cars all over the park.

There are some very interesting animals like the fruit bats that eat fruits and the flowers’ nectar and hide in the fruit trees to sleep. The biggest attraction of the park is the beautiful waterfall called Alexandra which you really have to see. Mauritius Black River Gorges national park it is a beautiful area at south-west of Curepipe that can not be compared with any other part of the island.

At about 6 kilometers away of Curepipe the only mountainous road of the island reaches the wall of the biggest barrage, Mare aux Vacoas. Being surrounded by conifers, the area looks more like Nord America than like an island of the Indian Ocean. At about 64 kilometers south-east of Mare aux Vacoas you can find the sacred place of the Gran Bassin Hindu and at only few kilometers to east is Plaine Champagne, the place with the most precipitations and the biggest natural area of the island.

Towards the eastern part of the hill you can enjoy the spectacular view, the waterfalls and the Piton de Petite Riviere Noire-the highest point of the island situated at an altitude of only 830 meters. The best period to visit Mauritius Black River is from September to January. The main attraction of the Mauritius Black River is the wild animals: monkeys, the deer and the boars but don’t forget to admire the wild birds and the big variety of trees specific to this area.

The park is situated at 30 kilometers south of Port Louis and the best way to get there is by the bus from Curepipe or by private transportation.