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Mauritius Tuberculosis: limited stock of an antibiotic

Published on by mori

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The Ministry of Health has, for some time, a limited stock of an antibiotic against TB, including Isoniazid. This is an essential drug for treating this infectious disease, as well as to prevent from people in contact with those infected.

According to our intersections, it is about two years since the Department of Health has launched tenders for the purchase of this antibiotic. However, no reaction from the medicine suppliers. It was only last year that a pharmaceutical company has submitted its quotation.

Meanwhile, the stock of Isoniazid has been decreasing. So much so that doctors are forced to be selective for the prescription to patients. They do prescribe it to those who need most. For others, they receive alternative antibiotics. Therefore, instead of taking an antibiotic, they must take two.

The Department of Health states, meanwhile, there has never been a shortage of Isoniazid. He stated that this medical product does not attract suppliers due to its limited use and confirms that only a pharmaceutical company has submitted its quotation, which were accepted. The new stock of this antibiotic is expected by late March, according to the Procurement Unit. Tuberculosis, was recently detected among two students.