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Mauritius Post celebrates 240 years this year

Published on by mori

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Mauritius Post Ltd is one of the oldest institutions of the country will celebrate this year the 240 years existence of the post office in Mauritius.

Arnaud Godère and Giandev Moteea, President of the Administration Council and CEO of Mauritius Post, respectively have during the press conference which took place on Tuesday February 14 in Pot-Louis, presented the calendar of the activities which will be organized during the year.

Mauritius Post chose as main theme ‘ 240 years of Communications … from history to modernity … ’, a slogan which briefly summarizes the behaviour and the contribution of the post office in the economic development, social and cultural of the country while passing through the various periods of its history, from the French and English colonization, independence and until the development of the modern Mauritius.

Mauritius Post envisaged, in between, the publication of a book on the post office, organization of stamps exhibitions, contests at the intention of the students, emission an envelope of the first day.

It intends to mobilize all its personnel as it should be mark this memorable event of the history of the Mauritian post office.

A bit of history

The existence of the post office in Mauritius goes back to December 21, 1772 during French colonization period when under the impulse of Nicolas Lambert, Director of the Imprimerie Royale, where the first post office was born.

This last needed a mail service for the distribution of the first newspaper of the island which was called “Annonces, Affiches et Avis divers pour les colonies des Iles de France et de Bourbon”.

The delivery was ensured by the one who was called was called the ‘noir facteur’, which means ” black postman” and who travelled around the island by feet. The postal service developed more as from 1810 when the Britain took control of the island with the installation a mail service between Mahébourg and Port Louis in 1834.

In 1846, the governor at that time instituted a reform of the postal service with the introduction of a ‘ prepaid posting system ’ and the use of the postage stamp. On September 21, 1847, two postage stamps were emitted the Post Office Red and Blue Stamps and which, because of an error of impression, will take value to the collectors and the scarcity of today will make Mauriitius famous in the world of philately.

Mauritius was also the 5th country in the world and the first British colony to emit postage stamps after the United Kingdom in 1840 and some other country as Switzerland, Brazil and the U.S.A.

In 1870 the post office was installed in a stone building which is one exaemple of the most beautiful British colonial architecture. It is in 1933 that the first airmail left Maurice to transit through Réunion Island towards Nairobi, to be then transported by the regular air line connecting Cape Town and London.

The post office today

The post office continuously developped while following the curve of the social evolution and economy of the country in order to become, after 240 years, a modern company which continues with to adapt and to innovate to fulfill the requirements of its customers.

Since its corporisation in 2003, it adopted a strategy of diversification to offer to the population local services through its network of 114 post offices from Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga.

The post office is well integrated as actor of development economic, social and cultural of the country. It today offers today more than 65 products and services.

The calendar of the activities

The CEO of Mauritius Post Ltd, Giandev Moteea presented the calendar of the activities which will begin with a communication towards all the workers from the post office, sending the activities in the very last post office Post Office Cybercity from Ebène which will be inaugurated on February 15, 2012.

We created several committees which will have each one the responsibility to conclude the various projects. We intend to publish a book on certain historical aspects of the post office while keeping philatelic aspect. It is envisaged to release this book next October. Exhibitions of postage stamps and photography on the post offices in the stations will be organized in an itinerant way and on a regional basis in order to make it available to more visitors. Philatelists Mauritians will be invited to present their collections of postage stamps. For World Post Day in October, we envisage a great exhibition of stamp. An envelope of first day around the 240 years of the post office will be also emitted in December, more precisely on December 12, 2012.

We will organize various educational projects pointing the students. A contest of dessertation on the “behaviour of the post office in the modern society and in the informatic world. A contest of painting contest is also planned for the students of the primary students. We will launch also a public awareness campaign near the public on Postcode and the correct ‘correct addressing system’ of the mail. The post office will organize also Mega Open Day with the participation of all its partners in order to get known through the public, to PMEs and their contractors to show the various services it offer explains Giandev Moteea. The celebrations will end on December 21 with the inauguration of the gallery Nicolas Lambert at the postal museum in order to pay homage to the one through whom the Mauritian post office was born.

The post office to come …

The CEO of Mauritius Post also spoke about the major projects to come as Post Coding and Addressing System which began in phase pilot with Lallmatie, Bon Accueil et Brisée Verdier and which will be wide towards other areas in the months to come.

The new postal finance departments that the post office will offer are the E-trade and the online payment, the Electronic Money Transfer and the consolidation of the services Post Assurances. Informatic of the post office also continues with already more than 75% of counters which are automated and which will be extended to twenty additional post offices before the end of this year.