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Mauritius Light Railway project

Published on by mori

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A team of Singaporean technicians is expected to Mauritius in October to review the original plan of the light railway. This information came from the newspaper l’express directly from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The old railway plan dates from 10 years. It became obsolete due to changing infrastructural cities which were planed to be served by the railway. The start is planed in July.

The railway will be 26 km from the original plan of the light rail stations and offers stops at Vacoas, Quatre-Bornes, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin, Barkly city, Richelieu and the old bridge Grande Riviere North-West.

Among them, the possibility of including Cybercity Ebene and the University of Mauritius in the plan.

Singaporeans must also decide on the model of the railway adapted to the topography of Mauritius.

In a report from ten years ago, Malaysian experts have said that monorail build on stilts would be cheaper by at least 30% than other technologies. In addition, the project could be operational within a period of two years.

However, a new railway plan of the light railway project could cost more.