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Mauritius Weather

On the page Mauritius Weather of course you can view the daily weather of Mauritius Island, you can for example have a look your holidays to know what for weather is waiting for you. Actually the weather is always great.

Mauritius Weather

The weather in Mauritius is enjoyable almost all the year around so you can book your at almost anytime for the year.

Mauritius Analysis

In the western part of Mauritius Island, there is no much variation in temperature, but in the central part of the island the temperature can vary, it is often colder as on the coastal area.When there is a cyclone approaching the island, it has a warning system for the inhabitants to know how strong the storm is, the cyclone warning starts with class 1 to class 4.

When possible the Class 2 warning is given around twelve hours gusts of around 120km/hr occurs on the island, when the inhabitants starts hearing this warning they should usually start buying candles and make some important shopping for the house, as enough food for a few days, consolidate the house against a cyclone.

A warning Class 3 is given around six hours before gusts of 120 km/hr occurs. At this time it is very windy and it is better not to adventure outside if not necessary and nearby the sea.

When one hears the warning Class 4 then there are gusts of 120km/hr and over. During this warning the best to stay at home, beacuse it can be quite dangerous to adventure outside, and wait for the next weather bulletin.

Satellite Image Live

Here you can see a live satellite image of the Indian Ocean distributed from Meteo France, on this live view you can see when a cyclone is forming, if the weather is clear on the paradise island. Usually the weather is enjoyable, during the warmest months, it can be sometimes very hot and humid, in Mauritius Island Christmas is celebrated with sunny and very warm weather.


Actually during the warmest months of the year in Mauritius are December, January and February, the only problem is that during these a cyclone can occur and it may be very stormy and rain a lot. It may also happen that one can’t fly back home if the cyclones are very strong of course there will be no flight. In the Indian Ocean area, it is known as a tropical storm or tropical cyclone, in other regions it may be calls hurricane, typhoon or cyclonic storm.


In behalf of cyclones which occurs during the warmest months of the years, Mauritius is a very pleasant and fabulous island for holidays. The rainy area of the island is mostly the Central Plateau, just because it is higher than sea level and often some degrees cooler as on the coastal regions. Actually for tourists it isn’t that cold but for Mauritians it is quit a big difference.