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Mauritius Temple

The Mauritius Hindu temples are the place where the Hindu people come to worship the Brahman. The Hinduism is represented by the faith in Brahman, the absolute being, impersonal, creator of the Universe. The Brahman is the supreme ego. He can’t be defined unless spoken what is not. Going to the Mauritius Hindu temples you will find out that Brahman is described as infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, intangible, transcendent reality, infinite conscience and infinite happiness. According to the Veda, Brahman has been existed and will be forever. He is in all the things but transcends all the things and he is the divine source of the entire Life. Is the divine absolute, all the Hindu religion’s gods are facets and incarnations of Brahman. The Mauritius Hindu temples are attractions for

the tourists, as holy and worship places. hindu in mauritiusThe Mauritius Hindu Maheswarath Temple is situated in the Triolet city and is one of the island’s biggest temple complexes. It was built in 1850, is colourfully painted and with much bright white. The Mauritius Hindu temple is easy to be found on roads to Grand Baie or Trou aux Biches.

Gods like Krishna, Vishnu and Shiva are depicted in big statues. At the temple’s entrance, close to the parking lot, you can see one of the most wonderful

banyan trees of the entire island. This Mauritius Hindu temple complex is also called the Shivala Complex,with the principal temple and other buildings, smaller and dedicated to the Hindu gods.The tours of the temple are possible only when the ceremonies are not being held and you can visit it every day. There is the parking possibility and no charge for the admission. There are self-appointed guides that will expect some tip from you. When you visit any Mauritius Hindu temple you have to take your shoes off before entering. The Tamil Mauritius Hindu temples are very colourful, with numerous statues, bas-reliefs and frescos. A courtyard surrounds the sanctuary and you will enter through one ornate porch.

The important Tamil temple is situated in Sainte-Croix, close to Port-Louis. The Mauritius Hindu temple is decorated in pink, green and yellow, with very large courtyard opening to a sanctuary decorated with flowers, volutes and sea shells with style. A brazier is situated at the temple’s entrance which has incense burning inside it.