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Mauritius Duty Free

Since this country is a shopping paradise, the Mauritius duty free shops are all over the island. From these Mauritius duty free you can buy articles from different brands at god prices and with no taxes for tourists. Before going to shopping, gather some information about the suppliers, make the shopping plan and save your money. Among the things you can buy are the souvenirs, such as stamps, crafts and arts, hats, bags, spices and rum, the jewelries, such as watches and diamonds of high quality and with no taxes.

The Mauritius government promised to abolish the 80% tax on the 1.850 goods types including jewelries, electronics, clothing and fabrics and to transform the island into a Mauritius duty free paradise. This made happy a lot of people that love shopping and come to this island as tourists. The shopping without taxes made from this island a destination for the luxury items at affordable prices. Of course, the goal was to bring even more tourists to Mauritius and to build the reputation of the world’s first duty-free island, a paradise for shopping also.

There are numerous Mauritius duty free all over the island offering luxurious products and high quality products at prices of discounts. After you present your return ticket and passport, you can buy the goods at their attractive prices and you can pay in the foreign currencies or in the Mauritian rupees.

The diversity of the products with no tax is big, such as electronics, jewelry, perfumes and textiles. If you want jewelries with no taxes, you can visit the Mauritius duty free shops Poncini, Aqua and Adamas. As soon as you will land you will get in contact with the Mauritius duty free shops you can find there. The prices, the excellent quality and services attract the tourists inside and make them buying the goods they see. If you prefer the designers clothes and you want to buy some at nice prices then you have to visit the Mauritius duty free fashion stores with brands like Gautier, Rosetti (for shoes), Feretti, in stores like Tara Cashemere and Montali and Sasheena which can be found the Grand Bay Store Shopping Centre, a Mauritius duty free selling handbags, luggage and briefcases from leather, as well as porcelain, crystal, cameras and pens. All you have to remember is that to take the goods delivery at the airport after you pay the price from the duty free.

For those loving shopping and not only for them, Le Caudan Waterfront is a place that doesn’t have to be missed. There is a Mauritius duty free diversity with various articles and products such as beach items, swimming items, magazines, books, watches, jewelry, sports equipment and many gifts possibilities. More, the shopping centre hosts the craft market that offers essential oils and Mauritian glass. To shop on this island and to visit the Mauritius duty free shops is certainly a special experience. It seems that the Mauritius duty free shops objective is to create value for people’s money.