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Mauritius Dholl Puri

Mauritius dholl puri is an important part of the island’s culture dating from a very long time ago. According to the legend, comes from the Indian parathas, a flat and stuffed bread. Since the ingredients were missing the Indians used substitutes, making a hybrid of what is called dholl puri in our days. The Mauritius dholl puri is bread made in Indian style and stuffed with dal gram- yellow split peas. You can eat it with a food selection or by itself. The food selection can include the tomato based sauce called rougaille and the kidney beans.

The students are big consumers of the Mauritius dholl puri because is not expansive, satisfactory, can be eaten no matter the period of the ¬¬day and can be found in many places. You can make your own Mauritius dholl puri at home and for this, you will need the following ingredients (for 8 portions): white flour-750 grams, salt, oil-two table spoons, gram dholl (the yellow split peas) – 500 grams and turmeric powder. Next, get to the cooking part by boiling the Mauritius dholl puri in two water cups with salt and turmeric powder, till it is well cooked without being sticky.

The boiled dholl puri has to be strained and the boiling water must be reserved for the later use. The strained dholl must be blended till is fine and it is indicated to blend it on the dry side and not on the wet one. Next step is to work on dough, after you put the mixture aside. Put salt and sifted flour in a bowl, and with some of the boiling water work the pastry, gradually, till is very soft and not sticky. Put it in cling wrap and let it rest for about one hour. Put the powdered seeds of cumin on the blended dholl and some salt. Make small balls moulded, of a size that can be roll out in the mixture that you can call it puri now. Make a hole with your finger in the dough balls’ centre and put one dholl peas mix teaspoon inside, carefully. Push in the dough’s sides to close hole. The dough balls must be rolled in flour and also rolled out in a very thin circular puri.

A flat saucepan must be heated next, with enough space to hold your puri and then brush the pan with oil. Put the puri in the already heated saucepan. Cook the Mauritius dholl puri on one side till risen and then flip it onto the other side and let it cook too. A half a minute is enough if you don’t want to have a hard and overcooked puri. It has to be served hot and with coriander chutneys or blended tomato or your favourite curry. You can wrap the Mauritius dholl puri individually in the aluminium foils and frozen it for a later use. Put it in the microwave between some kitchen papers and warm it up for about 30 second each of them.