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Mauritius Cakes Recipes

The Mauritius cakes recipes are easy and with very tasty results. One of them is for the gateaux piments, some spicy cakes, fried and spicy that can be made at home or bought from the street vendors. It is the island’s equivalent of the French fries. For these Mauritius cakes recipes you need: half spoon of ground cumin, two tablespoons with spring onions and two with coriander leaves, salt, vegetable oil, 250 grams of yellow peas and 2 red or green chilli, seeded and cleaned.

You have to take the split peas and wash them in water, soak them for 4 hours and then drain them in sieve. Next, put the split peas in the food processor till it is fine grain. Add the onion, coriander, salt and chilli and transform everything into a fine paste. Medium heat for oil is the next step and then do some walnut size round balls from the mixture. Fry them till they have golden look and put them on paper towels.

Mauritius cakes recipes include the tasty tartes bananes for which you need: four spoons with sugar, 200 grams of white flour, water, 140 grams of margarine or butter, 10 tartlets tins and 8 bananas. According to the Mauritius cakes recipes, you have to put the butter and the flour in a bowl and work them till crumbly, add the water and get a not watery mix and let the mix to sit. The bananas have to be crushed and mix with sugar. Cook at low heat till the dark brown colour appears. Put it in a container to cool. The pastry has to be rolled thick of half centimetre and then cut in rounds to line the tartlets tins that will be buttered and lined with pastry rounds.

The banana mixture will fill the pastry, the remaining pastry will be rolled over and cut into some long stripes and placed in such way to make the criss-cross pattern. The tops must be brushed with milk and then baked in oven at 200 degrees for fifteen minutes till you see the golden colour. The sweet potato cake is something you have to try if you like the Mauritius cakes recipes. You need: plain flour-250 grams, grated coconut-same quantity, white sugar-250 grams, oil and sweet potatoes-1 kilo. The potatoes have to be oiled then peeled, mashed and mixed in the flour to dough.

The dough must be rolled and also you have to stick out some circles of about 12 centimetres. Next, break the coconut and take the pulp. You can use the powder of coconut but the fresh one is much tastier. Mix with the sugar and put the mixture in the circle’s middle, closing it with attention. Don’t spill the filling on sides because they would not close right during frying and the filling can seep out. Fry them deep till you see the brownish colour appearing. With such Mauritius cakes recipes, no wonder the island has so many goodies.