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Mauritius Cabinet

Mauritius cabinet is made of ministers and is the official council that helps the republic’s president in taking the important decisions. The prime minister is the person leading the Mauritius cabinet with 23 ministers excepting the attorney general, considered as member of the cabinet. The republic’s constitution offers a cabinet under the prime minister’s leadership, which has to be appointed by the republic’s president, appointment that has to take place after the general elections.

To be a member of the Mauritius cabinet you have to be a parliament’s member too, elected directly or indirectly, excepting the attorney general-the cabinet’s minister with the right to vote only if is elected as prime minister. The attorney general is part of the Mauritius cabinet and appointed by the president anytime he needs to and on the prime minister’s advice. Each of the Mauritius cabinet that takes office has to swear allegiance to the republic’s president, in front of the prime minister, vice president, parliamentarians and president himself, at the State House.

The republic’s president uses the constitution’s section 59 part 3, to act on the prime minister’s advice. On May 11, 2010, the last president appointment took place, with a new Mauritius cabinet made of 24 minsters with the prime minister as leader and including the attorney general. In the summer of 2011, a scandal that involved the heath minister, six ministers from the Militant Socialist Movement presented their resignation from the Mauritius cabinet. One week later, four new members were appointed by the prime minister for the Mauritius cabinet and another two were appointed on August 17. In case that the Mauritius cabinet prime minister is absent from country or is ill or is unable of performing his functions given him by the republic’s constitution, the president can authorise, by writing directions, the deputy prime minister or other minster to perform the prime minister’s functions till his authority will be revoked by president.

The actual component of the Mauritius cabinet includes the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the minster of energy and public utilities, the minister of finance and economic development, the minister of public infrastructure, national development unit, the minister of the foreign affairs, regional integration and international trade, the minister of housing and lands, the minster of social security, national solidarity and reform institutions, the minister of education and human resources, the minister of agro-industry and food security, the minister of environment and sustainable development, the minister of tertiary education science, research and technology,

the minister of information and communication technology, the minister of fisheries and Rodrigues, minister of youth and sports, minister of arts and culture, minister of local government and outer islands, minister of labour, industrial relations and employment, the attorney general, minister of health and quality of life, minster of tourism and leisure, minister of industry, commerce and consumer protection, minister of social integration and economic empowerment, minister of business, enterprise and cooperatives, minister of gender equality, child development and family welfare and the minister of civil service and administrative reforms.