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Map of Mauritius

On this page you can view a map of Mauritius Island. Mauritius is a very small located in the Indian Ocean. On the world map Mauritius is a small point, almost invisible. The island is oficially known as the Republic of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega and Cargados Carajos island form part of the island too.

The capital city of the island is Port Louis, English is the official language of the country, Mauritian do speak, French too and Mauritian Creole.

Mauritius Island is divided into nine districts, which are: Rivière du Rempart its capital Mapou, Black River its capital Bambous, Pamplemousses as capital Triolet, Port Louis as capital Port Louis, Moka capital Quartier Militaire, Flacq capital Centre Flacq, Grand Port capital Rose Belle, Plaines Wilhems as capital Rose Hill and Savanne as capital Souillac.

Since the 12 March 1968 Mauritius Island got its independence from the United Kingdom and becane a Republic in 1992 on the 12 March.

During the Middle Ages the deserted unknown was discovered by Arab sailors and name dit Dina Arobi. The Portuguese visite dthe island in 1507 which was still uninhabited and builded a visiting base.

At around 1511 the portuguese Diogo Fernandes Pereira landed on the island, and he was probably the first European. On the early Portuguese map they named it “Cirne”, experts thinky that it was porobably named so beacause of the dodo, the famous bird who lived only in Mauritius.

Mauritius Island was created around 8 million years agao by a volcanic activity. The Mascarene Islands emerged from from agigantic volcanic eruptions which occured under water thousands of kilometers east of the continental which was at this time made of Madagascar and Africa.

Mauritius Island is surrounded of a blue lagoon, a perfect place to spent fabulous holidays.