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Map of Curepipe

Below you can view a map of Curepipe, a town located on the Central Plateau as refered on Mauritius Island in the district of Plaines Wilhems, one of the nine districts of the island. It is said that the name’s town originates from “curer sa pipe” which means in English cleaning the pipe.

The historians have different versions how Curepipe came to its name. Some believe that when the soldiers and travelers traveled from Port Louis, the capital city and Grand Port to Mahébourg, they used to make a stop at this place which is almost half way to refill their pipes, from where it got its name. Some historians thinks that the town got its name during the 18th century after a landowner.

As Curepipe was the first town in Mauriitus Island to run electricity, it is until today referred as “La Ville Lumière” “The Town of Light” in English.

The Curepipe Botanical Garden is known to have the rarest palm trees of the world. Some of the landmarks of the town are: The George V Footbal Stadium , the Carnegie Library which was created by the Carnegie Foundation in 1917.

Curepipe is a a quite busy city butnot as the capital city of the island. For the inhabitants used to live on the coastal parts of the island it is a big difference for them to be in Curepipe, usually they find it colder, but it is actually cooler.

The climate in Curepipe is usually temperate with humid, rainy summers and cool winters. The soil is known to be rich and lust.